Track Coordinator

Track Coordinator Position Description and Expectations

The Gehring Academy Track Coordinators are vital to the success of the Donald D. Gehring Academy. They have responsibility for the oversight of a specific track or session within the Gehring Academy and work in collaboration with designated faculty members to create and present the content for the track.

Academy participants consistently cite the quality and approachability of our Track Coordinators and Faculty Members as a primary reason they attend the Academy and are satisfied with their experience. This year’s Academy planning team, as is our tradition, will select inclusive, respected student conduct and legal professionals to represent the best of our field and Association. The work we do at the Academy shapes the future skill-base, quality, and direction of student conduct as well as the organization as a whole. We appreciate your contribution made on behalf of the Association, the students, and campus communities impacted by our work.


Gehring Academy Track Coordinators agree to:

  • participate in all required conference call meetings and trainings.
  • coordinate conference calls and meeting specific to their track and faculty.
  • adhere to all required timelines and deadlines for providing information, materials, and content for promotion and to be provided to participants understanding that failure to provide the required information in a timely manner may lead to removal.
  • work with track faculty to ensure all sessions are appropriate to the content and learning outcomes provided and in line with the track description.
  • work with track faculty to ensure the content is appropriate for adult learners.
  • keep the Donald D. Gehring Academy Chair, Assistant Chair, and Central Office updated on the status, content and needs of the track.


Gehring Academy Track Coordinators agree to:

  • attend and participate in the entire Academy.
  • attend all faculty meetings prior to the beginning of the Academy.
  • fully participate in all classroom sessions, minimizing time out of the room for other activities.
  • participate in panels and/or group assignments as assigned or agreed upon in advance with other faculty members.
  • mentor participants through group and/or individual activities.


Copyright & Citations– All instructional materials created for the Academy must appropriately reflect attribution to sources of information. In addition, if chapters, articles, models, charts or other forms of training materials are incorporated from another source, copyright clearance must be obtained by Academy Faculty Members from the author(s) of such information that provides permission to reprint as a part of the Academy materials. Each Faculty Member will be responsible for proper attribution and copyright permission for all materials provided and utilized in the track. The Academy assumes no responsibility for violations.

Material Ownership & Licensure– The authors retain copyright ownership of all original instructional materials provided for the Academy.  This means the right to reproduce, distribute or create derivative works are retained by the author.  The training materials created for the Academy, including PowerPoint presentations and handouts, should be appropriately labeled as the intellectual property of the author with a copyright notice and should be reflected on the footer of all of Faculty Member materials. As a Gehring Academy instructor, each Faculty Member agrees to provide a limited license to the Gehring Academy to publish the instructional materials on the ASCA database for the exclusive use of Gehring Academy participants.  All other uses of the instructional materials are protected by the copyright ownership of the author and require permission for further use.

Participant Materials– Instructional materials (i.e. PowerPoint presentation) will be pre-loaded in a database and available to participants prior to the Academy. Participants will be given access to the database. Therefore, the deadlines for the submissions of materials are not flexible. 


ASCA is committed to making all programs accessible to all participants. Please be sure that consideration is given to those with disabilities.  All materials must be accessible.  As part of the track development process, the ASCA Assistant Director will provide information and resources to aid the inclusive development of all lessons. Non-accessible materials will not be approved by the Academy Chair for use by Faculty Members.

Track Coordinator applications are now live.

Please apply by January 10th, 11:50 p.m. Pacific for consideration.