Organizational Misconduct

Organizational misconduct can be a daunting topic for any student conduct professional because it isn’t one person behaving in a specific way. There are many students, alumni, advisors, national stakeholders, and campus partners weave in and out of an organizational investigation and have different impacts throughout it. It is imperative student conduct professionals understand the role organizational misconduct impacts the larger campus community and the effective addressing of organizational behaviors doesn’t solely stem from investigations and adjudication. The student conduct practitioner must understand organizational culture from its function in the student experience (both positive and challenging), the history and tradition behind organizations on your campus, and the institutional values set for organizations who choose to be affiliated with the campus. Participants in this intensive two-day track will participate in a systematic approach to addressing organizational misconduct beginning with analyzing the organizational culture on your respective campus, the proactive and reactive steps necessary to engaging with organization, and the finite strategies and techniques to investigate and adjudicate organizational misconduct on their campus.