Sexual Misconduct

As there is no “one-size-fits-all” policy or procedure that works for all campuses, this track goes beyond basic compliance towards increasing the capacity of practitioners to develop and improve their campus responses to sexual misconduct. Through a balanced combination of foundational learning and skill development from leading student conduct and sexual misconduct practitioners, participants will go beyond a basic understanding of legal requirements to explore student-centered practices, rape myths, and how to utilize trauma-informed approaches, investigations informed by cultural competence, and multiple resolution options. Throughout the Academy, the curriculum shifts from theoretical and legislative requirements towards practicing real skills such as how to determine what questions to ask, how to write reports, and how to evaluate information. This track is ideal for student conduct administrators, Title IX coordinators, investigators, and campus partners who want to learn more about the intersection of student conduct and sexual misconduct.

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Dr. Mikiba Morehead (Track Coordinator)

Linda Alvarez (Faculty)

Julia Duff (Faculty Fellow)

Erin Leeper (Faculty)

Jeremy Zilmer (Faculty)