Mid-Level and Aspiring Directors

This track is intended to give mid-level or aspiring directors the tools they need to understand and excel at their role. Through the use of cohort-style learning groups, this track will explore the necessary functions of a student conduct operation as well as individual competencies and skill sets necessary for this work.  As student conduct programs and institutional types vary significantly, the faculty will provide a wide range of scenarios, considerations, and advice. As a large part of learning happens informally, participants will also have the ability to raise their specific concerns and questions to be addressed by both the faculty and their peers.  This track will include topics such as office administration, policy development, cultural humility, navigating institutional politics, supervision, assessment, and strategic planning, among others.

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Julia Thompson (Track Coordinator)

John Adams (Faculty)

Vin Ciampolillo (Faculty)

Ali Martin Scoufield (Faculty Fellow)

Alicia Myrick (Faculty)