Advanced Sexual Misconduct

The Advanced Sexual Misconduct Track is for professionals who wish to build on their baseline knowledge of facilitating and participating in sexual misconduct and associated cases. Topics in this track previously have included sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, and stalking; intersectionality of cases involving mental health concerns; and intersectionality of identities and their relationship to labels or identities as a victim, survivor, respondent, and/or offender.

Participants will engage in peer learning through discussion and activities in combination with lectures from faculty. Participants will be exposed to current research on consent, trauma, and more.

This track will meet according to the following schedule:

  • July 18: 11am-5pm EDT
  • July 19: 11am-5pm EDT
  • July 20: 1-5pm EDT (3-5pm optional office hours)
  • July 21: 1-5pm EDT
  • July 22: 1-5pm EDT


To view presenter biographies please visit our Meet The Gehring Team page.

Wesley Highley (Faculty)
Kaela Lindquist (Faculty)
Dr. Vicki Schreiber
Becca Wallace (Faculty Fellow)
Jeremy Zilmer (Track Coordinator)