Mary Beth Mackin Foundations of Professional Practice

The Mary Beth Mackin Foundations of Professional Practice track is a four-day, competency-based curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of professional practice in student conduct administration. The content covers the fundamentals of practice, including:

  • Student conduct policies and procedures
  • Facilitating conduct meetings and hearing boards
  • Federal regulations and case law
  • Ethical principles and practices
  • Institutional governance and campus partnerships
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Self-care

This track is perfect for those new to student conduct or transitioning to conduct work from another functional area as well as administrators with minimal or no conduct experience who have conduct officers in their supervisory portfolio. Participants include conduct administrators, student affairs staff from senior administrators through administrative support staff, and graduate students.


To view presenter biographies please visit our Meet The Gehring Team page.

Dr. Jill Childress (Faculty)
Dr. Ruth Davison
(Faculty Fellow)
Dr. Michael Fernbacher (Faculty)
Dr. Brian Glick
Michelle Horvath, J.D.
Candice Lott (Faculty)
Greg Meyer (Track Coordinator)
Alyssa Reddy (Faculty)