Mini: 1st Amendment


The First Amendment Mini-Track is designed for practitioners interested in critical thought towards campus policies regarding first amendment and free speech. We know that times are tough and students seem to be at a divide between civil discussion and flat out arguing when they get on campus. Are you: Balancing free speech with inclusivity? Supporting different viewpoints during conversation and community development? Navigating various identities and power structures with your campus environment? This session is tuned to address the potentially tense situation of polarizing viewpoints on campus and how they intersect with campus expectations and policy.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Continuing to learn how to speak to students to support them using their words in a manner they feel impactful, while also supporting their education around respectful speech.
  2. Process through addressing conduct issues with students who violate the practitioner’s personal beliefs.
  3. Utilizing conduct situations in order to promote repairing harm to a community after a controversial situation.
  4. Work through explaining to students the difference between hate speech and hateful speech
  5. Identifying which part of the policy intersects with 1st amendment rights and analyzing if a violation may have occurred.


To view presenter biographies please visit our Meet The Gehring Team page.

  • Kenny Hertling: faculty
  • Candice Lott: faculty