Mini: Writing Workshops


During this mini-track, we will discuss a variety of types of writing related to student conduct issues. Specific topics will include: language in your code (less or more legalistic, inclusive, restorative, etc.); letters and forms; general correspondence (e-mails, who to include, what not to put in writing, ACP, etc.); rationale writing for conduct cases and investigations; and writing tips/best practices (tense, pronouns, capitalization, etc.), Broad topics will include grammar, confidentiality, succinctness, language trends, and emotion-influenced writing. This content may be useful for professionals at all levels, as well as individuals who work in conduct-adjacent areas such as Title IX, BIT and case management. Participants will have opportunities for practical application, editing of documents, and discussing case studies or individual concerns.


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  • Michael Fernbacher: faculty
  • Alex Lewin: faculty