Restorative Justice

The Advanced Restorative Justice Track is designed for practitioners who have foundational understanding of restorative justice and wish to build beyond baseline knowledge of restorative philosophy, restorative practices, and restorative justice. The Advanced Restorative Justice Track will include structures and strategies for operationalizing restorative justice, to include but not be limited to:

  • Cultivating a culture of restorative practices across multiple departments
  • Creating circle prompts attuned to community building, healing, and/or reintegration
  • Identifying suitability to align cases with RJ and acting if alignment changes
  • Applying RJ to identity-based harm (including sexual misconduct) and incidents of bias
  • Developing policy language and strategies to codify RJ
  • Assessing RJ programs and measuring learning by facilitators and participants



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Dr. Léna Crain: Track Coordinator