Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice Track is designed for practitioners who wish to build baseline knowledge of restorative philosophy, restorative practices, and restorative justice. Though Restorative Justice often enters university communities as an alternative dispute resolution option through student conduct, RJ also has applications in various other capacities in higher education. The Restorative Justice Track will include structures and strategies for Restorative Justice as a pathway, community building tool, and reintegration support, from facilitation to implementation and assessment, to include but not be limited to:

  • How to facilitate restorative conferences, circles, and forums
  • Restorative circles as a method of community building and support
  • Responding to identity-based harm including incidents of bias
  • Responding to incidents of sex and gender-based harm
  • Managing classroom conflicts and responding to academic misconduct
  • Applications of Restorative Justice to students' persistence
  • Codifying Restorative Justice and measuring program and learning


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Dr. Denise Balfour Simpson (Faculty)
Amy Beltran
 (Faculty Fellow)
Vin Ciampolillo (Faculty)
Dr. Léna Crain (Track Coordinator)