ASCA Accessibility Acknowledgement

ASCA is committed to making our events accessible. We encourage you to engage in sessions
in ways that fit your abilities and comfort level. In addition to any requested accommodations
and use of assistive devices and technology, we encourage attendees to drink or eat during
session, stretch, stand up, fidget, stim, take breaks, wear headphones for noise and stimulation
reduction, and/or engage in helpful focus/regulation practices such as deep breathing, doodling,
using a silent phone app, and more. In general, please engage so far as you feel emotionally
and physically able to do so–it is okay to push your comfort zone, and to also prioritize your

We encourage all attendees to understand that focus and engagement can look and feel
different for each individual, and that while unfamiliar behaviors may sometimes be initially
distracting, they are not intentionally disruptive.

This space should feel comfortable and accessible. If you have any concerns with accessibility,
please let Central Office know as soon as possible.