Mini: Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Mini-Track will explore various critical elements to help Student Conduct Administrators create and engage with the campus community to promote a positive culture to deter negative behavior in the classroom setting.  Specific topics to be covered will be around the pandemic’s impact on Academic Integrity specifically in the digital classroom, how to collaborate with faculty, support various student populations, the roles of a conduct office within the process and the impact on internal campus structures as a result of outcomes. The half-day will consist of presentations by the faculty, large group discussions on content, and small group breakout sessions around hot topics. Attendees will be surveyed prior to the Mini-Track and curriculum may be adapted based on attendees desired outcomes.


To view presenter biographies please visit our Meet The Gehring Team page.

Alexandra Froehlich (Facilitator)
Kaela Lindquist (Facilitator)
Dr. Matthew Scruggs (Facilitator)