Mini: Academic Integrity


Join us for a one-day Academic Integrity track. Attendees will learn and discuss the following:

  • Academic integrity foundations
  • Office coordination and collaborations
  • University policy implications
  • Assessments
  • Artificial intelligence

We will spend time working through academic misconduct case studies and best practice for all campus types. We will also talk about the elephant in the room, generative artificial intelligence and its potential implications in higher education.

This one-day track will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of important academic integrity topics and concepts ranging from foundations of academic integrity, campus partnerships & collaboration, policy implications, and assessment & evaluation. In addition, recent trends and current events will be brought into the fold as we dissect the nuances of artificial intelligence and the future of our work as practitioners. In this interactive track, attendees will demonstrate their learning through facilitated dialogue surrounding various topics and analyze case studies with practical examples. By completing this track, attendees will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of academic misconduct with their respective institutions and also instill a culture of integrity by promoting a proactive approach to student and faculty relationships.


To view presenter biographies please visit our Meet The Gehring Team page.

  • Jessie Townsend: faculty
  • Jake Kasper: faculty