Online Gehring FAQ

Academy Technology & Access FAQs
As you prepare to engage with the 2022 Virtual Donald D. Gehring Academy, we’ve prepared a list of questions you may have about accessing content, utilizing the virtual platform, and more. Please browse the items below for reference.
Where can I find the Academy’s virtual platform?
The Gehring Academy utilizes the Tovuti platform. Attendees can access the platform is by navigating to This site is separate from the ASCA homepage and does not populate information from
How do I log in?
Using the above link, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials. If you have previously used Tovuti for a prior ASCA event, your Gehring Academy track has been added to your existing account.
If you are new to the platform, welcome! New users can access their accounts with the following information:
• Your username, which consists of your first and last name as stated on your event registration (example: JohnDoe.) Please note this will include hyphens if you typed them in (example: EmilySmith-Jones.)
• Your password, which is temporary. On first login, use “ASCA.” Once users log in, they will be prompted to select a password. It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED attendees bookmark the Tovuti link and test out login information before the day of the first session. 
What if I don’t remember my account password?
One option is to use the “reset password” button on the main login page. Alternatively (particularly if you are also unsure of your username) feel free to e-mail us for a reset at [email protected].
I logged in. Where will I find track materials?
After login you will be sent to your main dashboard landing page. On the left column of the page, select the “Events” icon. The next screen will load all courses available to you. From here, select the card named for your track’s title.
I’ve found the events/courses page, but still don’t see the Academy. What happened?
If you’ve registered for Gehring but do not see the event after following the steps above, it is most likely because you have two Tovuti accounts. Oftentimes this is as a result of using two different emails to sign up for online ASCA events. Either send a message through the “Contact Us” button at left in Tovuti or email [email protected].
How can I connect with my colleagues on this platform?
One perk of Tovuti is the social media-type elements. While logged in, select the icon of three persons in the white navigation bar on top. This will take you to an area to explore the community, discussions, group, and other connections elements of the site.
I don’t see hyperlinks to join the sessions. Will these be updated?
Yes! Links to access sessions, as well as their associated Zoom passwords, will be uploaded prior to each event. Check back for these links the day of each session.
Will sessions be recorded?
No, sessions presented during the Gehring Academy will not be recorded. Much of the value in this intimate learning environment is in the dialogue and connections formed through candid engagement and mentorship.